A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

- Christopher Reeve

You know little one, I’ve known real superheroes who have done amazing things, disguised as ordinary people doing ordinary things…

and you do too!

In fact...


you're one of them.

You may not remember this, but it is important that you do.

When you were only 5 months old, Mommy was diagnosed with breast cancer.


She was very young and very scared.

What is cancer?

Well, have you ever felt like this...

Cancer is all of that and more.


Cancer is a disease that makes the tiny microscopic cells in your body reproduce too quickly.

Doctors can usually tell that this is happening, because the cells form a lump in your body.

If cancer is left alone, the cells in your body can multiply out of control, entering the blood stream and showing up in other areas of the body.

This can make a person very sick, or even cause them to die.


In Mommy’s case, the lump of cells appeared on her right breast.

She noticed the lump while she was breast-feeding you one day. It was 3.5cm wide.

They called the cancer

(greyd three in-vey-siv duck-tal kahr-suh-noh-muh)


Grade III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma is hard to say, but even harder to defeat.

Defeat? Oh yes, the cancer needed to be fought, and boy did it put up a good fight!


You see, in the face of a big problem like cancer, everyone involved is forced to deal with the problem, even someone as little as you were!

It just so happened that Mommy’s battle with the cancer transformed the entire family into better, stronger, tougher versions of themselves.

Somehow in the face of our crisis, we drew forth extroardinary qualities from within ourselves...


...like superheroes!

With the help of a team of doctors and some pretty powerful medicine, Mommy and the family were ready to start their battle against the cancer.

First, there was the surgery.


The doctors put Mommy to sleep and while she was sleeping, cut the lump of cancer out of her body.

The surgery was very painful for Mommy. It was also painful for Daddy and the rest of the family to watch her go through. It was even more painful for Mommy to be away from you while she was in the hospital. She missed you terribly.


Despite this, you acted like the tough hero that you are, and your super power became clear to all of us.

Watching you grow and learn new things everyday made us gasp, smile, laugh and feel genuinely happy for many precious moments during Mommy’s hard time.


At times where the cancer made the entire family feel defeated, you were there for us as a light in the dark time of our lives.

As Mommy healed from her surgery, it became clear that the cancer was not entirely gone.


The doctors told Mommy she had to take a powerful type of medicine, called

Chemotherapy is a treatment that uses special chemicals to destroy cancer cells in the human body. Unfortunately, Chemotherapy can also kill good cells in the body, too.

The medicine caused Mommy to feel very ill, and even lose her hair.


The family used every power in their arsenal.

With you as our inspiration, we used our powers of

to help Mommy expel the cancer from her body.

Well, little one, the cancer must have felt how powerful our little family could be...

because it began to fight back even harder than before!


The tough battle had left all of us drained and weak. During the last few weeks of Mommy’s chemotherapy treatments, Mommy’s white blood cells, which are in our body to keep us healthy and alive, began to disappear.

A plan began to form!

Individually, the battle against the dangerous cancer was too much for any of us, including Mommy.


However, it became clear that if we channeled all of our love, support and bravery together there was almost nothing that could harm us...

a family of extraordinary superheroes!



With the strength and bravery of your Mommy and Daddy, the love and support of your Aunties, the wisdom and guidance of Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa and a bright little light to guide the way, the cancer cowered away and shriveled in fear...

Mommy began to feel a little better.


With some final help from the doctors and a special treatment called

Mommy was able to ZAP the cancer away from her body completely.

We savored our victory with celebration!

You see, little one, when Mommy was Sick we were filled with uncertainty, anger, sadness and fear.


Someone once said, “Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart.”

Even though cancer is a scary, dangerous thing, and not everyone is as lucky as we have been, it is so important that you remember…



Remember that together, with the super strength, support and love we had inside of us, we battled it like heroes.